Jonathan Adams

Assistant Director, Engineering Master's Career Services & Professional Development

Jonathan is an Assistant Director for Duke’s Professional Masters Programs. In this role he provides career coaching and resources for engineering master’s students. Jonathan brings 8 years of career coaching experience to Duke and previously worked in career services at UNC-Chapel Hill and UNCG. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Montana and a M.A. in Counseling from Wake Forest University. Prior to transitioning to career coaching in higher education, he worked as a clinical mental health counselor in community mental health settings and as an employee assistance counselor. In his free time Jonathan enjoys traveling, completing Top Chef inspired cooking challenges, and hiking with his dog Splash.

Career Communities


(ENG Master's) Steps for Search Success

Clarify What You WantFind people, communities, and eventsSpend time with news and trendsUnderstand the possible opportunitiesUnderstand what you want, like, and are good atClose Your SearchAccept and decline offersCheck in on desired opportunitiesEvaluate optionsNegotiateReceive your offerFind and Apply for OpportunitiesConduct targeted outreachSubmit online applicationsUse additional methodsGet Feedback and AdviceAdapt your search based on feedback and reflectionEdit and improve your documentsFind people who can offer adviceGet input and feedback on your planInterviewBe at your best on interview dayGet organized for each interviewLearn to InterviewPractice specifics for each interviewRespond skillfully after an interviewSet Up Your SearchBegin practicing for interviewsDecide and act on systems for time management, tracking applications and correspondenceDevelop your search planEstablish primary presence on LinkedIn or another platformPrepare your documents to align with the search planUse the search plan to decide methods and tools to use when beginning your searchStay Positive and MotivatedDeal with rejection and silenceManage low energy, motivation, or timeRe-focus on what you want and can doRevisit your search approachTalk to PeopleAsk questions to connect and learnFollow-up to keep your network and search aliveMake a requestTalk about yourself


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