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Career Hub and the Career Center is a place where you can learn to explore your interests, values, and strengths and use that self-knowledge to enhance your decision-making. This is also a great place for you to discover how to navigate your Duke experience and learn professional development skills. 

In choosing a Duke doctoral program, you have come a long way toward understanding yourself. Yet, your graduate school experience will transform you in significant ways, deepening your knowledge and self-awareness. Earning an advanced degree is a foundation for further intellectual and personal growth, and a pathway to discovering multiple career options.

Career Development Process

Check in on your career development journey here.

You can expect to continuously participate in a process of reflection and self-awareness during your time at Duke and also the entirety of your career and life. You will use your past experiences to identify short- and long-term professional goals in order to implement next steps that are aligned with your life stage, purpose, and your individual definition of success. We are here to be a thought partner in knowing yourself, exploring opportunities, setting a focus and preparing, taking action, and evaluating and refining your career goals.

As you engage in and use the Duke Career Development Process, you will be preparing to make decisions about what comes next for you.

Know Yourself
Explore Options
Focus & Prepare
Take Action
Evaluate & Refine

Career Competencies

The eight competencies identified as cornerstones of career readiness by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) will be developed through your academic, co-curricular, professional development, and experiential learning pursuits at Duke. These competencies are important to develop and will assist in your navigating a lifelong career journey.

  • Career & Self-Development
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Equity & Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Technology

Opportunities to Connect with the Career Center


Our experienced advisors are available to meet with all doctoral students at Duke. We work from a strengths-based perspective, tailored for each individual and can be viewed as attaining mastery in the Duke Career Development Process and competencies for career readiness. 

During advising appointments, we look at what you are interested in, explore your likes and dislikes, identify competencies and skills you prefer to use and ones you want to develop, and reflect on past experiences to guide future decisions. We also examine how your strengths can impact your interest areas, how your personality can direct certain work environments, and how your personal values guide your choices while studying at Duke as well as career decisions. Schedule an appointment online in Handshake to get started.

Drop-in Advising

Bring quick questions or application documents (resumes, cover letters) to be reviewed by a career adviser or Career Ambassador Team member.  Drop-in Career Advising is available several weekdays. More information

Career Hub Alerts 

You can personalize your Career Hub alerts so that we only send you information that is valuable to you. You can choose topics, frequency, and layout! Click on the Personalize Your Hub button at the top of the page for more information.

Workshops, Programs and Events

A number of workshops, discussions, career fairs and unique advising opportunities are offered each year to help you explore and make decisions. You can view all events and filter by type and topic in Career Hub.


View thousands and apply to opportunities available around the world (many posted especially for Duke students). On-Campus Interviews (actually on-campus or remote) are managed through Handshake. You will want to keep an eye on Handshake for career events and opportunities. Log in and update your profile today–

You can get started on your own or meet with us before you start and at any point. If you would like a thought partner or career advisor to work through something, please schedule time to meet with a career advisor in Handshake.

Collaborations with The Graduate School, Office of Postdoctoral Services and Others

The Academic Job Search and Careers Beyond Academia series of events will be important for you to consider. We co-sponsor these series with The Duke Graduate School and the Duke Office of Postdoctoral Services. Videos from both series can be found on the Duke Postdoc Services YouTube channel. Many events are co-sponsored for Engineering Master’s students as well.

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