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Whether you are unsure of your interests, undecided on which of your interests to pursue, or considering post-duke options, the Discovery and Exploration Community is for you!

Within this community you will have access to resources to guide you in becoming more self-aware, exploring careers and interests, designing your Duke experience to make it unique to your needs, and making decisions. Exploring can take on different forms including browsing online resources, connecting with Academic Advising to discuss majors and learn more about specific subjects of interest, utilizing office hours to connect with professors, meeting with career advisors to uncover or discuss your interests, and conducting career conversations with individuals in fields of interest.

Throughout this process of exploring, remember that as you grow and engage in different experiences, you will learn a lot about yourself! Don’t fret if you feel like you don’t have it all figured out right now (you don’t have to) or if you notice your interests shifting, you have support and resources available to support and encourage you!

From first year undergrad to nearing the end of your PhD program, join this community by personalizing your Hub and setting alerts to discover resources, career advice, job/internship opportunities, and events that will help you connect your skills to roles of interest!




Duke’s Fall 2022 Medicine, Humanities, and Business (MHB) Celebration

When: November 5th, 6pm-8pm

Where: Schiciano Auditorium

Dr. Quinn Wang, Co-Founder and CEO of Quadrant Eye, will be speaking at Duke’s Fall 2022 Medicine, Humanities, and Business (MHB) Celebration on Saturday, November 5th from 6pm-8pm in the Schiciano Auditorium. Dr. Wang is …

By Michael "Rudi" Rudisill (he/him/his)
Michael "Rudi" Rudisill (he/him/his) Assistant Director, Career Services
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Identities in the Workplace Series: Navigating Identity and Social Norms in the Workplace with LGBTQIA Alumni

The Identities in the Workplace Series is a collaboration between the Sanford School of Public Policy Career Services office and the Nicholas School for the Environment’s Career Services office. The series consists of 4 alumni panels to discuss identities within …

By Ängela Bonner
Ängela Bonner Assistant Director, Career Services
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Stanback Fellowship Program: Fall 2022 Information Sessions

The Stanback Fellowship Program is a partnership between the Nicholas School of the Environment and non-profit environmental organizations. The purpose of the program is to provide students with significant project-based learning experiences in energy, conservation, advocacy, policy, research and applied resource management. 

By Kai Kelley Jr. (he/him)
Kai Kelley Jr. (he/him) Career Advisor, Discovery & Exploration Career Community
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Paramount Internship Applications LIVE!

Are you a Sophomore, Junior or Master’s student looking for a Summer 2023 internship with an entertainment company home to iconic content such as Top Gun, Mean Girls, SpongeBob SquarePants, RuPaul’s Drag Race, CBS, BET and MTV?


Whatever your …

By Greg Victory (he/him/his)
Greg Victory (he/him/his) Assistant VP Student Affairs/Fannie Mitchell Executive Director, Career Center
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Part 1: Career Readiness Guide: Prepare For Success With Your Liberal Arts Degree | Get Ready & The Liberal Arts: Our Commitment To Career Readiness

This is the first of seven articles in this series. If you’re searching for a remote internship, go to our search results page that lists all of the remote internships and other entry-level jobs advertised on College Recruiter and then …

By Shelby Konkel - College Recruiter
College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career. Each year, we help more than 3 million students and recent grads find part-time, seasonal, internship, and entry-level jobs requiring 0-3 years of experience.
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Career Readiness Resources

How to Understand and Read an Offer Letter

Receiving an offer letter from an employer or recruiter is an exciting time! It means your skills and experience are …

Hitmarker gaming and esports jobs platform .

Hitmarker is the largest gaming and esports jobs platform in the world.

Check out the internship and jobs tool

Keep …

T. Howard Foundation

The T. Howard Foundation is an internship program for minority students interested in the multimedia and entertainment industry. In addition …

Pow Wow Job Forum

In this forum, native people can discuss job postings, interview skills and share resume tips with one another. 

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