Native American/Indigenous

Information and resources for those who identify as Native American/Indigenous.

The following resources are curated specifically to assist students who identify as Native American/Indigenous to explore their interests, find opportunities that best suit their needs and desires, and attain the goals they set for themselves.

We hope to continue to add resources that might be helpful and if you find something valuable, please share it with us by using the Guest login (top right of Duke Hub).

Considerations for Application and Hiring Process

Connect to Native/Indigenous alumni and professionals

Alumni and professionals who hold Native/Indigenous identities can provide insight into their experience and what advice they have for going through the job search process and even be a mentor for you. Informational interviews are the best ways to network with alumni and professionals whose identity and career background you wish to learn more about. You can connect with alumni through the Duke Native American/Indigenous Alumni (DNAIA) group via the Duke Alumni Network or utilizing the Duke University page on LinkedIn.

Highlight your background

As a Native/Indigenous-identifying student, you bring value to industry. Your background, particularly the experiences, skills, and perspective you bring are a tremendous benefit to the workforce. There are multiple ways in which you can show how your identity and point of view are valuable to an employer.

How you might choose to discuss your identity:

Resume through your academic and professional experiences

Cover letter by explaining how your identity or multicultural involvement can be an asset to the role or industry that you are interested in

During the interview process you can make connections to your identity through relevant examples to the role you are applying for. The interview process can also be used as an opportunity to understand the employer’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and to explain your desire to work for a company that values diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Consider the employer’s values and commitment toward diversity, equity, and inclusion

To find out about a company’s commitment to DEI, you can conduct informational interviews with individuals at the company or ask them about their commitment during a job interview. For Native/Indigenous students, internXL provides information on company DEI practices and culture. The Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index also offers insights on corporate inclusivity, specifically for policies, practices and benefits pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees.

Tony Phillips | Radio Consultant, Editor, Executive Producer coming to campus!

An experienced radio and podcasting creator, Tony’s career has taken him from producing, reporting and Commissioning Editor at BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4 (creating The Listening Project), to Vice President at WNYC Studios, New York and to Broccoli Content/Sony Music in the UK.

By Kai Kelley Jr. (he/him)
Kai Kelley Jr. (he/him) Assistant Director, Entertainment, Media & Arts Career Community
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Pratt Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

A paid opportunity to spend early summer at Duke

MAY 28 TO JULY 29, 2023 | APPLY BY FEB. 15

Duke Electrical & Computer Engineering’s Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) is a paid summer opportunity that brings undergraduates into our research laboratories for …

By Greg Victory (he/him/his)
Greg Victory (he/him/his) Assistant VP Student Affairs/Fannie Mitchell Executive Director, Career Center
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C.I.A Information Session: A fresh perspective

This is a 60-75 minute presentation, rich in audience participation, that combines real life examples of espionage, a fair amount of social science and multiple opportunities for audience contributions to understand what motivates “spies” to operate across cultures and around …

By Ängela Bonner
Ängela Bonner Assistant Director, Career Services
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Voyager Scholarship: The Obama- Chesky Scholarship for Public Service

An increasingly globalized world needs young leaders who can bridge divides and help solve our biggest challenges together.

The Voyager Scholarship was created by the Obamas and Brian Chesky, Airbnb Co-founder and CEO, to help shape such leaders. Even though …

By Ängela Bonner
Ängela Bonner Assistant Director, Career Services
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BLAC (Building Leaders and Creators) Internship Program

BLAC is a twelve-week, paid internship for creative thinkers that takes place at ad agencies across the country. Interns participate in a shared curriculum with shared resources and projects, and upon completion of the program become part of a network …

By Margi Strickland (she/her)
Margi Strickland (she/her) Assistant Director of Employer Relations
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Scholarships & Grants

Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP)

MAIP allows students to work at prestigious advertising agencies on various accounts, interact with advertising professionals on a day-to-day basis, …

Indian Health Service

Scholarships, Externships, and Virtual Internships for students interested in health professions. Indian health programs are seeking health care professionals who …

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