Career Development Process »

You’re ready for the next step, it’s time to take action.

Develop a plan around what steps you need to take and when you need to take them and include: find relevant information, identify contacts, gain experience and/or apply for positions. Implement your plan to stay on track to achieving your goals. Evaluate and reflect along the way so you can adapt your plan as needed.

Here, find curated information on the following topics:

  • Create a Resume / CV / Cover Letter
  • Prepare for an Interview
  • Find an Internship
  • Build My Network
  • Search for a Job / Employer, and
  • Negotiate an Offer

Or, visit communities for any of these topics directly:

Create a Resume / CV / Cover Letter Prepare for an Interview Find an Internship Search for a Job / Employer Build My Network Negotiate an Offer

Here, explore skills that map to this stage of the process:

  • Self-Awareness 
  • Relationship Development
  • Communication

Answer on your own and/or discuss with a mentor or advisor

  • How can you gain experience in the field(s) that interests you?
  • How do you know that an experience is right for you?
  • What indicators will let you know you are heading in the best direction?
  • Who needs to know about your plan?
  • What or who will help keep you accountable to your plan?
  • What indicators will let you know you need to change your plan?
  • How will you feel if you need to change your plan?
  • What factors should you consider to establish and achieve the plan (time, people, academics, etc.)?
  • Who can you rely on in case plans do not go as you hoped? Who can you celebrate with when you make progress?
  • When have you been successful at setting goals and accomplishing them in the past? What factors contributed to that success?
  • Are there other parts of this process that you can do at the same time (e.g., applying to jobs while networking)?

  • Determine a timeline for your actions and create smaller tasks you can accomplish with corresponding due dates.
  • Join clubs or organizations at Duke (or in the community) where you can get hands-on experience.
  • Register for a class that would allow you to develop knowledge or skills in your field(s) of interest.
  • Join a professional association (see major or industry-specific suggestions in What Can I Do With This Major?).
  • Follow people on social media in your field(s) of interest.
  • Speak with older students or professionals in your field(s) of interest.
  • Prepare application materials for jobs, internships or graduate/professional schools (Resume, CV and Guides)
  • Use Jobscan Premium, provided by the Career Center, to optimize your resume and assist with cover letters.
  • Apply for jobs or internships of interest.
  • Seek out research opportunities and project-based work at Duke (Bass Connections, Data+, Story+, Project Vox, etc.).
  • Check in with your support network to process your progress.