Career Communities

What is a Career Community?

What is a Career Community?

Your Duke degree is valuable across a wide range of careers, sectors and industries. Your academic major doesn’t limit you to a specific job type or field, and now is a great time to explore what the world of work has to offer. Career Communities are a way to connect with people, information, and resources to explore interests and connect to potential opportunities. We encourage you to explore and follow any career communities that align with your interests, goals, and career plans.

Eight of our career communities focus on a major industry, such as Healthcare, Data & Technology, or Education, Non-profit & Social Impact, for example. For students who are are unsure of your interests, undecided on which of your interests to pursue, or considering post-duke options, the Discovery and Exploration Community is designed just for you.

For students who are exploring interests and career paths.  The best approach is to explore broadly by browsing several career communities that interest you. Your skills are transferrable to many career paths.

Get insider knowledge about careers.

Here are just a few of the benefits of following a career community:

  • Jobs, internships, research and volunteer opportunities curated for members of the community
  • Announcements of professional development opportunities, events and career fairs targeted to communities
  • Featured blog posts with tips from career advisors, alumni and student success stories, insider info from employers and other helpful resources
  • Community subgroups with recommended tools for exploring careers, networking, researching employers, searching for internships and jobs, and more

To receive customized information from a particular community, click on the Personalize Your Hub button on the menu bar.


Scholarships & Grants

Indian Health Service

Scholarships, Externships, and Virtual Internships for students interested in health professions. Indian health programs are seeking health care professionals who …

WIN Empowerment Fund

Financial aid doesn’t typically cover the expenses students face when they make their first big career step—including applying to graduate …

Undergraduate Research Support Office

Getting started with research and not sure where to begin? The Undergraduate Research Support office promotes undergraduate research at Duke …

Career Readiness Resources

How to Understand and Read an Offer Letter

Receiving an offer letter from an employer or recruiter is an exciting time! It means your skills and experience are …

Featured Courses

Building an Ethereum Blockchain App: 11 Integrating Non-Blockchain Apps

Michael Solomon
Have you wondered how blockchain can help you create applications that offer greater transparency, traceability, efficiency, and resilience while lowering…

Hands-On Data Science: 4 Services Analysis in Spark

Ben Sullins
Are you considering working in data science, and would you like to try out some popular tools first? This course…

Hands-On Data Science: 3 Sales Analysis in Python

Ben Sullins
Python is a popular programming language in the field of data science, used for engineering and analytics, as well as…

Introduction to InfluxDB

Jess Ingrassellino
Time series data—a data set that tracks a sample over time—is constantly being generated all around us. From data that…

Blockchain for Developers: Hyperledger Fabric on Azure

Gurinder Singh Mann
Blockchain technology emerged in tandem with Bitcoin, but its potential far exceeds its function in the world of cryptocurrency. Blockchain…

Test Automation with Python: 6 Elements and Selectors

HeadSpin University
Used correctly, Appium and Selenium can be a powerful force for testing web and mobile apps. This course is part…

Finding New Career Paths with SQL

Nikiya Simpson
The SQL language is widely used and can be applied to a variety of technical fields such as data warehousing,…

Cloud Native Projects: Azure Serverless

Frank P Moley III
If you are new to cloud native serverless programming, you may be wondering about what tools are out there for…

Java Object-Oriented Programming

Kathryn Hodge
Are you familiar with Java but want to get the most out of your Java programs? In this course, Kathryn…

VMware vSphere 7 Professional: 06 Deploying VMs and Hosts

Rick Crisci
VMware vSphere is everywhere. In order to stay relevant, you must understand vSphere. Perhaps you’re also preparing to take the…

Power Automate Quick Tips

Phil Gold
If time is money, how much is a healthy dose of automation worth? With Microsoft Power Automate, you can set…

Apache Spark Essential Training: Big Data Engineering

Kumaran Ponnambalam
Data engineering is the foundation for building analytics and data science applications in the new Big Data world. Data engineering…

Reshuffle: A Special Series on the New World of Work

LinkedIn News
The world of work has shifted seismically since the start of the pandemic. Old rules about career progression, remote work,…

How to Find and Use Your Strengths

Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
In this audio-only course from How to Be Awesome at Your Job, psychologist Lea Waters talks about the tools you…

Creating a Dev Environment in AWS with Terraform
If you work in Azure development, this course from can show you some best practices for setting up a…

BE 2.0 (Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0): (Book Bite)

Next Big Idea Club
Have you ever wondered what makes great companies tick? In his 2020 book BE 2.0 (Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0): Turning Your…

Google Cloud Infrastructure and App Modernization

Mark Johnson
The sheer power of Google services never ceases to amaze. And if you’re looking to modernize your IT infrastructure, it’s…

SQL: Data Reporting and Analysis

Emma Saunders
Do you rely on IT to get the data you need? Are you often stuck waiting in line for data,…

Learning No-Code AI

Sudha Jamthe
One of the most appealing things about no-code is its wide range of use cases and applications. No-code can help…

Azure Data Fundamentals (DP-900) Cert Prep: 4 Analytics Workloads on Azure

Gregor Suttie
Is the Azure Data Fundamentals certification part of your plan to become a data engineer, database admin, or data scientist?…
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