Career Communities

What is a Career Community?

What is a Career Community?

Your Duke degree is valuable across a wide range of careers, sectors and industries. Your academic major doesn’t limit you to a specific job type or field, and now is a great time to explore what the world of work has to offer. Career Communities are a way to connect with people, information, and resources to explore interests and connect to potential opportunities. We encourage you to explore and follow any career communities that align with your interests, goals, and career plans. Eight of our career communities focus on a major industry, such as Healthcare, Data & Technology, or Education, Non-profit & Social Impact, for example. For students who are are unsure of your interests, undecided on which of your interests to pursue, or considering post-duke options, the Discovery and Exploration Community is designed just for you. For students who are exploring interests and career paths.  The best approach is to explore broadly by browsing several career communities that interest you. Your skills are transferrable to many career paths. Get insider knowledge about careers. Here are just a few of the benefits of following a career community:

  • Jobs, internships, research and volunteer opportunities curated for members of the community
  • Announcements of professional development opportunities, events and career fairs targeted to communities
  • Featured blog posts with tips from career advisors, alumni and student success stories, insider info from employers and other helpful resources
  • Community subgroups with recommended tools for exploring careers, networking, researching employers, searching for internships and jobs, and more
To receive customized information from a particular community, click on the Personalize Your Hub button on the menu bar.


Scholarships & Grants

Indian Health Service

Scholarships, Externships, and Virtual Internships for students interested in health professions. Indian health programs are seeking health care professionals who …

Career Readiness Resources

Featured Courses

AWS: Deployment, Provisioning, and Automation

Brandon Rich
AWS is an exciting proposition for DevOps. Yes, it’s amazing to be able to build a virtual data center with…

Learning DriveWorksXpress

Ryan Krawchuk
Do you want to use the popular free DriveWorksXpress SOLIDWORKS add-on? In this course, design engineer Ryan Krawchuk shows you…

SSCP Cert Prep: 1 Security Operations and Administration

Mike Chapple
The Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) certification is an excellent entry point to a career in IT security. To help…

SSCP Cert Prep: 2 Access Controls

Mike Chapple
The (ISC)2 Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) certification is an excellent entry point to a career in IT security. To…

Learning AWS Single Sign On

Carlos Rivas
If you’re getting ready to configure and deploy your architecture to the cloud, one of your biggest concerns will be…

SharePoint Online Essential Training: The Basics

Gini von Courter
In this course, Gini von Courter demonstrates the essential skills you need to work with SharePoint Online. Gini covers essential…

Learning Asana

David Rivers
As a lightweight project management and team productivity tool, Asana can help you manage projects more efficiently and collaborate more…

C# and .NET Essential Training

Joe Marini
Microsoft .NET is a modern, cross-platform framework for developing applications for the web, desktop, and mobile devices. This course gives…

Closing the Green Skills Gap to Power a Greener Economy and Drive Sustainability

Sue Duke
As nations and industries worldwide make commitments toward a more environmentally sustainable future, many questions must be considered. How can…

Learning LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Q2 2022)

Garrick Chow
Find more leads and build out your digital sales strategy with the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LinkedIn is a…

.NET Big Picture: Front-End and UI Development

Walt Ritscher
When you think about what makes an application successful, it’s hard not to picture its user interface (UI). But as…

Lessons from the World of Sports Analytics

Ben Sullins
If you’re a sports fan and a data geek at heart, you may have thought about your dream career. You…

Running Spring Boot in Production

Michael D. Rodgers, Jr
If you know all about developing a Spring Boot application, but aren’t sure about putting your app into production, then…

Node.js: Testing and Code Quality

Jon Peck
Most software engineers would agree that clean code is easier to maintain than messy code, but what exactly does that…

AWS for Azure Administrators

Sharon Bennett
The rise of multicloud scenarios has made multicloud skills a valuable commodity for enterprise IT pros. If you’re an Azure…

Azure Administration: Deploy and Manage Compute Resources

Sharon Bennett
Effectively managing compute resources is key to infrastructure administration—and a successful career in IT. In this course, instructor Sharon Bennett…

Backgrounder: Leadership Conversations with Different Personalities

Kwame Christian
As a leader, you need to be able to motivate your team, have difficult conversations, and negotiate successfully on your…

Aligning Your Values with Work, Life, and Everything In Between

Having more alignment in your life is a proven way to feel more balanced, motivated, and passionate about how you…

Microsoft Certifications: Exams, Paths, Certifications, and Resources

David Elfassy
The Microsoft Certification program has helped countless individuals enhance their careers in technology. With different levels of certifications, hundreds of…

Project Resource Management

Claudine Peet
Resource management can make or break your project. Secure an insufficient amount of money, equipment, or, most importantly, staff, and…
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