Career Communities

What is a Career Community?

What is a Career Community?

Your Duke degree is valuable across a wide range of careers, sectors and industries. Your academic major doesn’t limit you to a specific job type or field, and now is a great time to explore what the world of work has to offer. Career Communities are a way to connect with people, information, and resources to explore interests and connect to potential opportunities. We encourage you to explore and follow any career communities that align with your interests, goals, and career plans. Eight of our career communities focus on a major industry, such as Healthcare, Data & Technology, or Education, Non-profit & Social Impact, for example. For students who are are unsure of your interests, undecided on which of your interests to pursue, or considering post-duke options, the Discovery and Exploration Community is designed just for you. For students who are exploring interests and career paths.  The best approach is to explore broadly by browsing several career communities that interest you. Your skills are transferrable to many career paths. Get insider knowledge about careers. Here are just a few of the benefits of following a career community:

  • Jobs, internships, research and volunteer opportunities curated for members of the community
  • Announcements of professional development opportunities, events and career fairs targeted to communities
  • Featured blog posts with tips from career advisors, alumni and student success stories, insider info from employers and other helpful resources
  • Community subgroups with recommended tools for exploring careers, networking, researching employers, searching for internships and jobs, and more
To receive customized information from a particular community, click on the Personalize Your Hub button on the menu bar.


Scholarships & Grants

WIN Empowerment Fund

Financial aid doesn’t typically cover the expenses students face when they make their first big career step—including applying to graduate …

Undergraduate Research Support Office

Getting started with research and not sure where to begin? The Undergraduate Research Support office promotes undergraduate research at Duke …

Career Readiness Resources

Featured Courses

Microsoft Azure Synapse for Developers

Nertil Poci
In today’s world, businesses are relying more and more on big data for their daily operations. This is a trend…

Search Techniques for Web Developers

Morten Rand-Hendriksen
View Morten’s LinkedIn Newsletter Effective search skills are often a key part of programming talent. In this course, instructor Morten…

VMware NSX-T 3.0 Essential Training: 06 Security

Rick Crisci
The VMware NSX-T 3.0 Essential Training series was designed to help professionals grasp the key concepts behind NSX-T 3.0. In…

Learning 3D Printing

Kacie Hultgren
When it comes to bringing your ideas into reality, few technologies are as gratifying as 3D printing. This course draws…

Tableau for Data Scientists

Matt Francis
If your work requires any sort of graphical visualization of data, chances are you’ve run into Tableau. If you’ve been…

CCSK Cert Prep: 6 Cloud Security Operations

Daniel Lachance
As a security-minded professional—particularly one looking to pass the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) exam—you must know how to…

Simplifying Web Development with Accessibility Best Practices

Morten Rand-Hendriksen
View Morten’s LinkedIn Newsletter Too often in the world of web development, accessibility is given a low level of priority…

CCSK Cert Prep: 4 Data Security for Computing

Daniel Lachance
Data privacy is vitally important, and with the growth of cloud adoption and reported data breaches, organizations must take careful…

Test Automation with Python: 7 Mobile Automation with Appium

HeadSpin University
This installment of the Test Automation with Python series covers native mobile app automation using Appium. The course includes a…

Learning the Packet Delivery Process

Joli Ballew
So much of how the world works now depends on data, and how data gets from source to destination quickly…

Wireless Networking: Advanced Troubleshooting

Robert McMillen
For all the amazing things that Wi-Fi lets you do, when it doesn’t work, it can lead to frustrations, productivity…

SAP ABAP Programming Best Practices

Michael Management
If you’re an ABAP programmer considering the transition from classic ABAP programming to an object-oriented style programming style, this course…

Microsoft 365: Manage Access and Authentication

Ed Liberman
In today’s complex computing environment, you need more than simple on-premises solutions. Microsoft 365 helps move networking solutions out to…

Mindfulness: A Critical Skill for Project Managers

Ruth Pearce
View Ruth’s LinkedIn Newsletter In the field of project management, there has been heightened attention on the value of interpersonal…

Power BI Data Analyst Associate (PL-300) Cert Prep: Connecting to Power BI Data

Joshua Rischin
The Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification verifies your capabilities as a data science professional to leverage the Microsoft Power…

Elasticsearch Essential Training

Ben Sullins
Elasticsearch has been widely adopted in search engine platforms for modern web and mobile applications. Combined with the power of…

The Power of the Minimalist Entrepreneur

Most startup advice is biased toward outdated conventions. Hypergrowth. Blitzscaling. VC fundraising. Billion-dollar exits. But the world has changed. There’s…

Learning Power Automate Desktop for Non-Developers

Gregor Maric
Knowing how to automate repetitive processes and leverage the power of AI to automate cognitive tasks are fundamental skills to…

Project 2021 and Project Online Desktop Essential Training

Bonnie Biafore
Curious about how to master Microsoft Project, the world’s leading project management software? Join certified Project Management Professional and instructor…

Learning Jira Software

Rachel Wright
Software development is a special type of work and great tools are needed to do it well. Jira Software’s features…
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