Information and resources for those who identify as Neurodiverse.

The following resources are curated specifically to assist students who identify as neurodiverse, and all students who support the advancement of students who identify as neurodiverse, explore their interests, find opportunities that best suit their needs and desires, and attain the goals they set for themselves.

While there are many types of neurodiversity, much of the job search information focuses on the Autism Spectrum disorder. Many individuals on the spectrum may have a particular talent for strong focus, a capacity for working with numbers, non-visual ways of thinking, and/or abilities to do repetitive tasks, all of which may counterbalance some of the social aspects of the job applications process that are often more challenging.

With impacts of these challenges on interviewing, networking and workplace environmental conditions, how do you navigate the job search process, identify companies who celebrate and accommodate neurodiverse needs and prepare for interviews to best showcase your skills and qualifications?

In light of your own personal challenges, how do you advocate for yourself and create processes to accommodate for these challenges?  You may need assistance in the organizational and communication aspects of the job search process, particularly if you are on the spectrum or have an anxiety disorder. It’s important to understand what goes into the job search process and find strategies to succeed in these tasks.

We hope to continue to add resources that might be helpful and if you find something valuable, please share it with us by using the Guest login (top right of Duke Hub).

Land your Dream Job

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Your 🌟DREAM JOB🌟 doesn’t have to be tied to your life long passions. The key is finding a role that supports your needs, nurtures your …

By Jared Smith (He/Him)
Jared Smith (He/Him) Associate Director, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
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Job Search, Disclosure, and Accommodations

Hear from panelists about when/if you should request accommodations or disclose learning differences during the job search.  

This panel discussion covers topics including:

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By Rachel Coleman (she/hers)
Rachel Coleman (she/hers) Director, Career Development and Education
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Vetting Organizations for Fit

What steps can be taken during the scouting and recruitment process to identify the best professional environments for you?

By Jared Smith and Hal Matthews

Finding the right organizational or positional fit isn’t only about identifying an ideal role at …

By Jared Smith (He/Him)
Jared Smith (He/Him) Associate Director, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
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Written by: Sarah Johnston, Founder and CEO at Briefcase Coach.

If you aren’t a Master’s or professional student this article still offers great topics for you to consider. All students can connect with a career advisor to discuss their next …

By Jared Smith (He/Him)
Jared Smith (He/Him) Associate Director, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
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Dear Pathfinder: Up-and-coming Entrepreneur    

Dear Pathfinder, is the Career Center’s Career Development advice column. Have a question for us? Submit it here. Catch up on past letters, here.   

The Question –  

 If I don’t have a support system that I feel can …

By Jared Smith (He/Him)
Jared Smith (He/Him) Associate Director, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
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Scholarships & Grants

***Please note that the Professional Development Fund has exhausted all funding for the 2023-2024 academic year. Applications will reopen on …

Career Readiness Resources

‘Dear Pathfinder’ Ask Column

Unlock Professional Success with ‘Dear Pathfinder’

Are you a current student or young professional on the road to professional achievement …

Coming to Duke can be overwhelming at first, particularly with the influx of Duke specific terms and concepts for you …

As part of the application process for the Duke Career Center’s Internship Funding Program, you will be required to submit …

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