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This community is a great starting place for those who value purpose-driven work. Students interested in Education, Government, Nonprofit & Policy careers often like to instruct, advocate, mentor, research, guide, and assist individuals and various groups or populations. They are concerned with issues like social justice, equality, educational access and attainment, mental health, and individual and community wellness. They enjoy helping others, working with organizations delivering services aligned with their passions, and contributing to the good of society.

Career paths dedicated to public good cut across industries, and are all connected through the common goal of addressing society’s big challenges. Those who follow this community are often involved in matters such as education reform, racial justice, human rights, sustainability and climate change, mental health, and food security. This work can occur in the classroom, through direct service organizations, community organizing, public service, fundraising, policy research and development, and even in corporate settings through roles in social responsibility.

No matter the setting, this community presents opportunities to connect over social change and mission-driven work on individual, community, and global scales.

C.I.A Information Session: A fresh perspective

This is a 60-75 minute presentation, rich in audience participation, that combines real life examples of espionage, a fair amount of social science and multiple opportunities for audience contributions to understand what motivates “spies” to operate across cultures and around …

By Ängela Bonner
Ängela Bonner Assistant Director, Career Services
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Voyager Scholarship: The Obama- Chesky Scholarship for Public Service

An increasingly globalized world needs young leaders who can bridge divides and help solve our biggest challenges together.

The Voyager Scholarship was created by the Obamas and Brian Chesky, Airbnb Co-founder and CEO, to help shape such leaders. Even though …

By Ängela Bonner
Ängela Bonner Assistant Director, Career Services
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Career Chat with Gentry Smith: Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security for the U.S. Department of State. 

Gentry Smith is a North Carolina native (Weldon, NC) and a graduate of NC State University.  His responsibility includes the protection of all diplomatic facilities overseas, escort of foreign diplomatic VIPs while they are in the US, and security of …

By Ängela Bonner
Ängela Bonner Assistant Director, Career Services
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Duke Global Presents: Sate Department Career Info Session

Considering a career with the U.S. Department of State? Join Diplomat in Residence Andy Sisk for an informal conversation and Q&A on internships, fellowships and career opportunities with the State Department. Light refreshments will be provided. Please register here.


By Ängela Bonner
Ängela Bonner Assistant Director, Career Services
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Who’s Hiring? 9 Orgs Supporting People with Disabilities

Illustration by Marian Blair

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in 1990, prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities in all areas of public life. While this landmark piece of legislation initiated significant steps to make the country more …

By Jaxx Artz - Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers | Helping you land, love, and grow in your social-impact career. And visit explore thousands of great jobs and social-impact organizations near you.
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Developing a Critical Thinking Mindset

Becki Saltzman
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Ecommerce with Facebook and Instagram

Sam Dey
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Human Leadership

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Navigating Ambiguity

Ambiguity causes a lot of problems. Think about it—a lack of clarity in a relationship or a misunderstanding of your…

Machine Learning and AI Foundations: Advanced Decision Trees with KNIME

Keith McCormick
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Managing Your Finances as a Creator

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Build Your Logical Thinking Skills

Kim Wehle
We’ve all been there: We’re in an argument, and things just aren’t going well. We’re not convincing, and maybe things…

Data Ethics: Making Data-Driven Decisions

Doug Rose
Most companies have complex computer algorithms deciding who gets a bank loan, job interview, or health insurance. Do you have…

Backgrounder: Leadership Conversations with Different Personalities

Kwame Christian
As a leader, you need to be able to motivate your team, have difficult conversations, and negotiate successfully on your…

Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy: Case Studies

Haiyan Wang
You’ve learned the basics of how AI tools can help your company, but how do you go from abstract concepts…

Building a Small Business Website with WordPress

Carrie Dils
Want to build a website for your small business? Do it yourself with WordPress. In this course, Carrie Dils shows…

The Data Science of Using People Analytics

Serena Huang
If you’re looking to improve how you attract, retain, and develop employees, people analytics can be one of the most…
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