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All of our services and resources are available to you including recruiting strategy development, job and internship posting, information sessions and workshops, and resources. Students and employers are actively participating in recruiting activities and connecting through job and internship listings in Handshake.

Career Fairs and Events

Duke career fairs and events provide an opportunity for representatives from for-profit, nonprofit and government agencies to recruit interns and full-time employees from Duke undergraduate and graduate students. Learn more

Post a Job or Internship

You can connect with alumni and students by posting your jobs and internships through Handshake. Go to Handshake

Schedule a Student Engagement Event

Student engagement events (formerly Information Sessions) allow employers to present information to students on current opportunities and organization background. We are encouraging employers to think outside of the typical information session box and to provide value-add engagement events for our students. More information

Schedule Interviews

Interviews may be requested through the Duke Career Center in Handshake and scheduled Mondays-Fridays between the hours of 8:30am EST – 5:00pm EST. Employers may utilize the platform of their choice for online interviews. Requests for interviews must be made at least three weeks before the interview date. Recruiting Policies for Employers

Duke Compact. Here for each other.

Duke Compact

Duke has introduced the Duke Compact, a pledge of accountability and responsibility by the Duke community contributing to the health and safety of the entire community. The Compact lists a set of action items and behavioral guidelines for the community. We encourage employers to read the Duke Compact in its entirety and to help our students fulfill their commitment to the Duke Compact.

Recruiting Virtually FAQs

  • Online Interviews

    How do I get started with reserving a date for online interviews?  

    You can request online interviews via Handshake.

    Am I guaranteed my first choice date for interviews since you are no longer constrained by the number of interview rooms available? 

    While we cannot guarantee first choice dates for interviews for employers, we do anticipate much more flexibility than usual with honoring date preferences.

    Do I still need to follow your interviews dates/timelines in Handshake? 

    If you are building your interview schedule within Handshake, we ask that you continue to follow the timelines and calendar dates for interviews. These timelines ensure a smooth experience for the employer, students, and our staff.

    What is the benefit of requesting interviews as “rooms only” through your office? 

    We want to help promote your interviews to our students in Handshake. Submitting a “rooms only” interview request essentially means you are requesting to reserve a particular interview date(s). This option also gives you control over your timeline and the ability to build your own interview schedule outside of Handshake while allowing our staff to best serve you and our students the day of your interviews. Students will be able to see your “rooms only” interview date(s) in the system.

    Are there any other changes in structure, student sign-up procedure, etc. that we should be aware of? 

    If you are choosing to build your schedule in Handshake, all timeline dates remain the same as past semesters and this information will be visible in the system when your interview date is approved.

    Will students be coming to the Career Center for our online interviews? 

    Students will not be coming to the Career Center for online interviews.

    Will you provide the platform (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc.) and circulate the links to students and employers or are employers expected to do this? 

    It will be the responsibility of the employer to provide the platform and share links to students selected for interviews.

    If employers are expected to provide the platform and links, would your office expect to be provided with the interview information (dates, times, participants, links) as well? 

    Yes, please also provide this information to our team by emailing careeremployer@duke.edu. Having this information allows our staff to answer student questions or help triage issues the day of the interviews.

    Can students leave campus for second-round interviews/super days? 

    Students who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to travel domestically. All travelers should continue to follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and its equivalents at their international destinations to promote a safe environment for hosts as well as our students not only in Durham but any location. More information is available at travel.duke.edu. We ask employers to allow online interview options and accommodations for all rounds of interviews. On-campus interviews are currently allowed, please visit Duke United for visitor information. The entire campus community is being asked to adhere to the Duke Compact, which is a set of behavioral guidelines designed to promote safe behaviors that limit the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

  • Virtual Student Engagement Events (formerly Information Sessions)

    Can I request an information session outside of your offered time slots? 

    Information sessions and office hours can be hosted at various times throughout the day and evening.  Our recommendation is late afternoon/early evening. We encourage you to keep your sessions at 90 minutes or less.

    Can I use my own online platform and manage my own event?  Will you assist in marketing our session if we manage our own event?  

    Yes, you may use your own online platform, and we can help market your session.

    Can you help me with the hosting platform for my information session?  

    Yes, we can work with our internal ITS team to set up a Zoom meeting link for your event/information session. We will communicate any sort of cap on attendees due to software licensing and set-up a time for a run-through to ensure everything works!

    Can I host a multi-school information session?  


    Will you market a multi-school information session to your students? If so, how?  

    We will market your multi-school info session to Duke students. We will include the information in Handshake. Please be sure to provide the date, time, description, and virtual platform information when submitting your event request.

    Would you recommend a multi-school session or a Duke specific session? 

    This depends on your goal.  A multi-school session can capture many students allowing you to present high level company information and prevents redundancy across multiple schools. A multi-school session can be followed by hosting a school specific session that is tailored to a target audience at the individual schools, provides a deep dive into the organization, and invites alumni participation from the company, for example.

    How would you best advise we use our time with students during a Duke-specific information session?  

    For maximum engagement with a student audience in a virtual setting, we strongly encourage employers to include a combination of interaction, education, and information in their presentation.  Recommendations include: employee panel (representing multiple roles if possible), simulations, case study, tech talks, and value added programming.

    Will a staff member be at my virtual information session?  

    Due to the high volume of information sessions processed by our team, it is unlikely that a member of our team will be present at your virtual information session.

    I have a company recording I can provide in place of an information session – how do I share this?

             Please reach out to our team at careeremployer@duke.edu if you would like to share your recording with our office/students. We highly encourage recording your information sessions if possible as well.

  • Virtual Career Fairs and Events

    What virtual events are you offering this year? 

    Beyond interviews, information sessions, and office hours, we will also be hosting career fairs and diversity and inclusion events. We can also work with you if you have an idea on a virtual way you would like to connect with our students.

    What types of diversity and inclusion events will be available? 

    We are currently in the process of planning diversity and inclusion event offerings for the Spring semester.

    Are all fairs going to be virtual?   

    We will have a number of virtual fairs offered during the Fall and Spring semesters.

    What is the cap for the career fairs?  Will it be limited to a smaller number of organizations? 

    We are hosting both larger fairs and smaller events.

    Will you offer industry-specific fairs? 

    Yes, we will offer industry-specific fairs throughout the Fall and the Spring semesters. We will also offer fairs open to all industries.

    How do I register for the Career Fairs?  

    For additional information about virtual career fairs and events as well as registration information please visit Handshake.

    Are sponsorship opportunities available? 

    Please email careeremployer@duke.edu if you would like information about sponsorship options. We will share additional information about sponsorship opportunities as they become available.

Diversity Employers

Diversity Employers offers a job board with career opportunities that specifically target new college graduates of diverse backgrounds in every industry nationwide.

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Diversity Jobs

Diversity Jobs unites diversity-friendly employers with all people of color, including Black and African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, as well as women, veterans, people with disabilities, older workers, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Information for On-Campus Recruitment Events and Interviews

Most on-campus events and interviews will be in the Brodhead Center, the JB Duke Hotel, or the Washington Duke Hotel. Below is some information to help you navigate your upcoming campus event.  

The Brodhead Center

Brodhead Center 
416 Chapel …

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Developing an Impactful Internship Program

Employer Resource Guide (pdf)

Developing an Impactful Internship Program

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