Ace the Case: 7 Steps to Cracking Your Consulting Interview

By Alex Cavoulacos

If you’ve got your sights set on a consulting gig, then you already know which one of the types of interviews to expect: a case.

The case interview is a format in which you, the interviewee, are given a business problem (“How can BigCoal Co. double its growth?”) or a brain teaser (“How many tennis balls fit in a 747?”) to solve. Cases have gotten quite the reputation for being intense, quant-heavy, and just downright scary. But they don’t have to be—not the scary part, at least

We spoke with recruiters at top consulting firms to learn what really makes an interviewee “ace the case.” And while case interviews were once exclusively the domain of aspiring consultants, they’re now popping up everywhere from tech companies to NGOs. So, no matter where you interview, use these tips to sail on through.

By Hal Matthews (he/him)
Hal Matthews (he/him) Associate Director, Global Careers