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American Efficient – Summer Business Analyst

Interested in a career in energy, environmental impact, and business? Join American Efficient as a Summer Business Analyst.

Apply on Handshake by September 30th!

Questions? Reach out to

See the attached flyer for additional details.

By Grace Athy
Grace Athy Assistant Director, Career Services
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Should I Be a Data Scientist or a Software Engineer?

Are you interested in STEM and trying to decide if you should choose to go into Data Science or Software Engineering? Or maybe you’re starting your job or internship search and you’re on the fence of which area to focus …

By Alicia Rhodes (she/hers)
Alicia Rhodes (she/hers) Assistant Director, Career Services
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BMO Capital Markets – We’re Heading Back to Campus!

Calling all First & Second Year Undergraduate students… Explore Career Options in Capital Markets.

Please see below for a complete list of upcoming events:

BMO CONNECT: What is BMO Capital Markets

Tuesday, September 27th @ 5:30-7:00pm (ET)


Investment & …

By Grace Athy
Grace Athy Assistant Director, Career Services
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Learn Top Skills to Help You Future-Proof Your Career

Top skills and courses

September 1, 2022 (originally appeared on LinkedIn)

There’s a new buzzword that’s changing the way employers reward, promote, and hire. It’s skills. Instead of ‘who do you know?’ or ‘where did you go to school?’, the …

By Greg Victory (he/him/his)
Greg Victory (he/him/his) Assistant VP Student Affairs/Fannie Mitchell Executive Director, Career Center
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Technical Interviewing

It’s that time of year where applications are submitted and you’re ready to start on the next step of the job and internship search: interview prep. If you’re applying to opportunities that require technical interview(s) it’s time to start practicing. …

By Catherine Allen (she/her)
Catherine Allen (she/her) Assistant Director, Career Services
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Scholarships & Grants

WIN Empowerment Fund

Financial aid doesn’t typically cover the expenses students face when they make their first big career step—including applying to graduate …

Career Readiness Resources

How to Understand and Read an Offer Letter

Receiving an offer letter from an employer or recruiter is an exciting time! It means your skills and experience are …

Hitmarker gaming and esports jobs platform .

Hitmarker is the largest gaming and esports jobs platform in the world.

Check out the internship and jobs tool

Keep …

Pow Wow Job Forum

In this forum, native people can discuss job postings, interview skills and share resume tips with one another. 

Native Hire

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Featured Courses

Azure Dapr for .NET Developers Part 2

Rodrigo Díaz Concha
Are you ready to take your new skills in Dapr to the next level for successful deployment? In this course,…

Collaborating with Microsoft 365

Courtney Hodge
Collaboration has become one of the most valuable skills a worker can have, and a digital proficiency with various collaboration…

Azure Machine Learning Development: Part 1

Zarina Meeran
Machine learning as a concept has been around for over 60 years, but as artificial intelligence becomes more and more…

Machine Learning Foundations: Linear Algebra

Terezija Semenski
Ever wondered what’s really going on underneath a machine learning algorithm? The answer is linear algebra. Without it, machine learning…

Building a Small Business Website with

Carrie Dils
Are you in need of a custom website and considering as a possible solution? In this project-based course, instructor…

Transitioning into Machine Learning Engineering

Khaulat Abdulhakeem
Machine learning engineers are increasingly in high demand, which bodes well if you’re a data scientist or software developer who’s…

GitHub Advanced Security

Rob Bos
GitHub’s security features let you implement security throughout the development process to prevent issues from happening and protect your projects…

Microsoft Azure Synapse for Developers

Nertil Poci
In today’s world, businesses are relying more and more on big data for their daily operations. This is a trend…

Agile Project Management with Microsoft Project

Bonnie Biafore
View Bonnie’s LinkedIn Newsletter Learn how to use Microsoft Project to manage agile and hybrid projects. Bonnie Biafore covers setting…

Startup Stories: Remote Airbnb Host Automates Rental Process

Chris Guillebeau
You’ve heard of Airbnb rentals, but could you really manage a whole collection of properties from afar? Author and entrepreneur…

Running Spring Boot in Production

Michael D. Rodgers, Jr
If you know all about developing a Spring Boot application, but aren’t sure about putting your app into production, then…

Test Automation with Python: 10 Additional Appium Modes and Features

HeadSpin University
This installment of the Test Automation with Python takes a look at scaling your test suite so that you can…

Developing for Microsoft Teams

Bill Ayers
Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest growing enterprise tools and lets workers collaborate, conduct meetings, share data and information,…

Networking Foundations: Protocols and CLI Tools

Greg Sowell
Protocols are the lifeblood of network communications. Every website, email, and electronic bank transaction depends on them. One of the…

Get Funded to Grow Your Business

Obtaining a funding round is a logical step for any business, from start-ups to those preparing to go public. In…

Python: Working with Files

Kathryn Hodge
When you’re working with files of any kind, nothing saves time like automation. No one wants to spend a day…

Framing Cloud Discussions for the C-Suite

Lee Atchison
The decision-makers who green-light new projects and ventures at your company may not be familiar with the benefits and risks…

Google Cloud for Azure Administrators

Sharon Bennett
Cloud skills are in high demand. Cloud admins can improve their career prospects by learning about the big three platforms…

Giving Computers Vision

Ben Sullins
In this audio-only course adapted from Ben Sullins’ Free the Data podcast, Ben talks to Dr. Satya Mallick about computer…

Tech On the Go: Ethics in AI

Ayodele Odubela
The ethics of artificial intelligence is hotly contested in tech. And as AI has been adopted in recent years by…
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