Impress Employers Using the Chat Functionality Effectively in Online Recruiting Events

Online campus recruiting events are similar to in-person recruiting events in that they both require preparation and research! In an online recruiting environment, we see many employers using the chat feature to engage with students. So, expect to use this functionality in upcoming online recruiting events. Since you know it is coming, prepare your introduction and questions for the chat ahead of time to keep your writing clear, concise, and error free! As you prepare, consider using the rule of three for your chat introduction: 

  • Sentence 1: Introduce yourself and provide information about your program at Duke.  
  • Sentence 2: Express what you like & are good at along with what you are looking for.   
  • Sentence 3: Ask a question to learn and connect. Do your research on the organizations you are interested and prepare specific questions.

Draft your introduction in a Word document to check for errors. Save it and you are ready to go!  While you are on a roll, don’t stop at your introduction, write several 1-sentence impact stories about the skills and experiences you would bring to the organization. This is helpful for your chats and also consider it early interview practice. 

By Erin Carlini (she/her)
Erin Carlini (she/her) Assistant Director, Engineering Master's Career Services & Professional Development