Job search do’s & dont’s: international student edition

This article was originally published on Handshake.

When you’re an international student, there are certain hurdles you must jump through when looking for internships or full-time jobs after graduation.

During a recent Handshake Career Event, we talked with two people who have valuable insight on how you can approach these hurdles and succeed in your career search.

Anson Tan, President of the University of San Francisco International Student Association and former Deloitte intern, joined Kelly O’Sullivan, Senior Talent Acquisition Associate at AlphaSights, to talk “dos and don’ts” for international student job seekers. In their conversation, they covered hot topics like:

  • How to find employers hiring for international students
  • What to keep in mind when job searching as an international student (e.g. special deadlines, visa sponsorship, etc.)
  • How to stand out on your application

Watch the full session here…

By Hal Matthews (he/him)
Hal Matthews (he/him) Associate Director, Global Careers