Nucor and Microsoft’s Planning to Harness Nuclear Fusion for Emission Reduction 

  The biggest American steel supplier, Nucor invests $35 million in fusion venture Helion to develop a 500-megawatt power plant. And recently, Microsoft’s Vice Chair and President, Brad Smith, expressed optimism about fusion energy as a crucial clean energy technology. Fusion, which oftentimes seen as an endless source of zero-carbon power has faced historical setbacks. However, amidst the growing climate crisis, it’s gaining attention from investors and policymakers. Apart from enterprise’ supports, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a California Bill granting the States’s energy commission the authority to explore the fusion energy potential. 

Since potential outcome of fusion could generate an unlimited supply of clean electricity in the long-run, its development will help create jobs  and nuclear industry employment hits 20 year high, enhancing economic growth and most importantly, strengthen country’s energy security.  

Helion, who builds the world’s first fusion power plant, corporating with Microsoft over the   fusion plant deployment schedule, expecting electricity provision of   50 MW+ fusion power plant in 2028. Zap Energy secures a $5 million federal grant and a vote of confidence in its quest for fusion power. Avalanche Energy focus more on small nuclear fusion reactors, it has closed a $40 million Series A funding. 

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By Rosalind Hu
Rosalind Hu