Women In Animation Launches Event Series And Online Career Resource Center To Empower Industry Professionals Of All Levels

By Jamie Lang

WIA is billing the initiative as a “comprehensive event series designed to empower industry professionals of all levels and students with the knowledge and skills to navigate the animation landscape during uncertain economic conditions.”

Women in Animation members will have access to expert insights, interactive panels, and workshops where industry veterans will share strategies for launching a career, adapting, thriving, and finding success in animation. By doing so, WIA hopes to provide actionable insights, foster collaboration, and support the mental well-being of members which will, in turn, facilitate long-term resilience and growth of the industry at large.

In an open letter, WIA president Marge Dean explained:

Women in Animation president Marge Dean.
Women in Animation president Marge Dean.

“It’s a tough time right now in animation. We saw drastic cuts in projects from all the major streamers long before the Writers and Actors went on strike. Productions were abruptly ended, even when they were nearly or completely finished. Whole animation divisions were eradicated.”

Not one to suggest a problem without offering a potential solution, Dean went on to say:

“Things will get better. We probably have not hit bottom yet, but soon we’ll see more shows being greenlit, more jobs opening up, and a healthier work environment. It will probably never be what it was like just before the pandemic, and the coming months are going to be rough. When the agreements are settled, and the actors and writers return to work, it will take some time to get production rolling again. We all have to find ways to survive until we turn the corner. The best solution that we can offer is the same one we offer in each letter – Community.”

To that end, WIA has also a new online Career Resource Center for its membership, which includes links to several helpful pages including:

  • Job Board: Browse the WIA job board for open positions throughout the animation and VFX fields. Our job board is maintained both by WIA Staff and through submissions we receive.
  • Mentorship: The WIA Mentorship program connects people of underrepresented gender identities at all levels to great mentors who can help them achieve their career goals/the next steps in their careers.
  • Talent Database: The WIA Talent Database is an ever-growing resource, updated regularly, that studios can utilize to balance the diversity of their hiring.
  • Video Resource Library: Browse our archive of WIA videos related to relevant topics such as Career Development & Resources, Networking, Work/Life Balance, and more.
  • Support Resources: Members can find a number of useful tools and resources, including links to unemployment assistance, relocation information, and more.

The Career Resource Center will also add a Recruiter Directory soon.

Dean concluded her letter by saying:

Please, be strong. Lean on each other and hang in there. The demand for animation continues to grow. It’s changing its shape and focus, but people still like and want the stories we have to tell.

Dean’s full open letter can be found here. The Career Resource Center can be accessed here.

By Kai Kelley Jr. (he/him)
Kai Kelley Jr. (he/him) Assistant Director, Entertainment, Media & Arts Career Community