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This information is to help you start exploring careers in consulting.

Consulting is a career in which you provide insight and expertise to clients with strategy, operational, or technical needs. The broadest version of this is management consulting, in which you may work with professionals from many different industries. There are also industry-specific opportunities in consulting, focusing on engineering, economics, government, pharma, environment, and many others. Consulting firms are looking for talent from various backgrounds, including social sciences, humanities, or STEM.

Duke Career Center Consulting 101 Course

Consulting 101 link to course.

If you are new to consulting, take this short course to get an overview of the consulting industry and further your preparation for fall recruitment. In this course, you will learn about different types of consulting, some of the bigger firms recruiting on campus, what a case interview is, and approaches to prepare.

Categories of Consulting Firms

MBB (Big 3) Consulting Firms
Tier 2 Consulting Firms
Big 4 Consulting Firms
Boutique Consulting Firms
Other Small/Mid-Sized Consulting Firms
Independent Consultants

Areas of Consulting

Select an area to see a sample of organizations working in that area.

Tip: Search LinkedIn or Google Finance for these employers, and look for the section on related companies to help you identify others.




Recruiting Timeline

The best practice for staying up-to-date on application deadlines for Individual Firms is to visit Handshake and the firm’s website for additional information.

*Recruiting Timelines & Application Deadlines are subject to change.

See below for a sample of firms with recruiting information included within their campus partner page. If the firm doesn’t have a page for Duke University, reference their career’s page.

Bain and Company at Duke University

BCG|Duke University

McKinsey & Company at Duke University

*This is not an exhaustive list of all firms.

For a detailed list of Consulting Application Deadlines (2024), reference the resource from Management Consulted.

The Duke Career Center continues to connect with employers about their recruiting plans. We will continue to provide additional information via Handshake and CareerHub as we learn more. If you have questions, visit Handshake or talk with a career advisor.

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Career Readiness Resources

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Consulting Casing 101

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