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Become a Digital Trust & Safety Leader

Trust and Safety (T&S) is quickly becoming a priority for all digital platforms and brands. A lack of T&S measures can lead to online toxicity, which can damage users’ digital wellness, brands’ reputation, and platforms’ ability to acquire, retain, and engage users. Companies seek out T&S leaders and operators to minimize such damages. However, the supply of T&S professionals falls short of the rapidly rising demand. In this first-of-its-kind course, instructor Tiffany Xingyu Wang provides a concrete pathway for T&S leaders to grow, and for aspiring ones to enter the field. Tiffany takes you through the benefits of investing in trust and safety, as well as ways to build internal visibility and alignment. She covers privacy and sustainability concerns, ways to drive safety by design, and techniques to scan challenges you may face. Plus, Tiffany steps you through building a T&S department and getting your organization’s C-suite on board with T&S.

The following course contains references to sensitive issues dealing with online behavior which may not be suitable for all audiences.

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