“Evaluate opportunities — whether they be classes you take, research teams or student groups you might join, or internships/jobs you are offered — in three dimensions:
1) What will I learn content-wise?
2) What will I get to do regarding project tasks or methodology?
3) Who will I get to know/get to work?
Some opportunities will speak to all three in ways that click for you BUT things might shift once you’re involved. Some might only interest you in one dimension starting out BUT that interest expands as time goes on.
I’ve found breaking things down this way helps you move beyond “Did I like it? Yes or no” to understanding what, how, and who of your experiences. Such analysis can help you with future decision-making, especially if you find making decisions a difficult task.”

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  • Director of Academic Engagement, Arts & Humanities
  • Duke Academic Advising Center
Class Year, Discovery & Exploration, Education, Government, Nonprofit & Policy, Entertainment, Media & Arts, First Year, Healthcare & Biomedical Sciences, Junior, Senior, Sophomore