Duke Global Career Week: Emerging Career Opportunities in India

In this video, esteemed community and business leader Lalit Mahadeshwar provides an overview of emerging opportunities in India, sharing insights for those interested in working in India or collaborating with Indian partners. 

Topics Covered:

  • An Overview of Economic Trends in India
  • Highlighting Sectors with Emerging Opportunities in India (including back-office tech, manufacturing, and engineering & infrastructure)
  • Potential Career Paths in India for Duke Graduates 

Lalit Mahadeshwar is a distinguished business and community leader based in North Carolina. He is the Founder of the Sateri Group of Companies, one of the first virtual companies with a talent pool of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) from the world over to form a sharp team of innovators and thought leaders. He has successfully executed multi-million dollar projects in almost every continent for Sateri Systems Inc., as well as other reputed organizations. He is also the founder of Iritech India Technology Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary specializing in biometrics-based solutions for India’s national social security numbers (Aadhar Card), employing iris-based identification for its vast population. Currently serving as the President of The Hindu Society of North Carolina, Lalit helps oversees a network of over thirty non-profit organizations in the state. Additionally, he is President of India 3-2-1, a global non-profit organization dedicated to collaborating with stakeholders interested in India’s emergence as a developed nation. Lalit’s contributions have been recognized with the North Carolina State Governor’s Award for Human Services in 2023.