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Boost Your Career with an Experimental Mindset

Before you can connect the dots in your career, you need to know how to collect the dots. In this transformative course, renowned organizational psychologist, executive coach and culture change consultant Erin Shrimpton, shows you how to gain valuable insights on how to reshape your experience of work, redefine tasks to make them more meaningful, and tap into your flow state for enhanced productivity. Learn how to develop an experimental mindset, explore widely in your working life, and tune in to your interests, values, and strengths. Find out how to manage uncertainty along the way by focusing on connection with colleagues, day-to-day experiences at work, and what you need to thrive. You’ll also learn how to know when to grit and when to quit. Explore the importance of making time for reflection, and go over how to present your findings. As you keep connecting the dots, you can discover the secrets to unlocking true fulfillment in your professional journey.

This course was created by CRFT Productions and Erin Shrimpton. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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