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JavaScript: Enhancing the DOM

The Document Object Model (DOM) is at the core of every webpage. In order to develop dynamic HTML pages, a front-end developer needs to understand how JavaScript connects and lets you control the DOM in order to create, modify, delete and edit existing content on a page. In this course, designed for experienced web designers and developers, instructor Maaike van Putten provides an overview of basic DOM elements, the different ways JavaScript gives you access to the elements, and how to work with the DOM to create dynamic webpages.

Learn the fundamental skills required for selecting DOM elements, traversing the DOM, modifying DOM elements, and creating, adding, and managing nodes. Along the way, get tips on event handling, advanced DOM manipulation, accessibility, performance, and best practices. At the end of the course, you’ll get the chance to test out your new skills on a real-world project by building an interactive resume app with a Node.js back end.

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