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Moving from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI

It’s time to get up to speed with .NET MAUI, the new face of Xamarin.Forms developed by Microsoft as a replacement. In .NET MAUI—or, more accurately, .NET Multi-platform App UI—you can build native mobile and desktop apps that run anywhere, all from a single, shared code base. In this course, software developer and instructor Kevin Ford gives you an overview of the most important features of .NET MAUI including the critical changes it makes to Xamarin.Forms.

Explore what you need to know to get started writing code with the new project structure. Learn about the key differences between .NET MAUI and Xamarin.Forms, including namespace changes, new views and controls, and major effects on cross-platform view rendering. Join Kevin to find out more about .NET MAUI and gather insights to boost your coding career.

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