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Startup Stories: Physician Aid Makes Medical Spanish Course

Have you looked for ways to combine your skills to turn a profit? Author and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau shares the story of Ben Tanner, a physician’s assistant (PA) who speaks fluent Spanish. Ben combined his skills to create an online course that teaches Spanish terms to medical providers. Now that the course is complete, his workload is minimal, yet it continues to be a great source of income. One key to Ben’s success was certifying as a continuing education provider. This unlocked the recurring market of professionals who are required to complete ongoing training. Ben partnered with an existing continuing education provider, but he’s also attracting readers to his own site, so that he might be able to sell directly in the future. After sharing Ben’s story, Chris concludes with resources and links to help you find more information.

Note: This course was created by Chris Guillebeau. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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