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Tech on the Go: No-Code for Coders

Instructor: Jen Kramer

The demand for websites, web apps, and native apps has reached new heights, and programmers are needed now more than ever. Some of today’s development happens with no-code and low-code tools that allow people with no technical background to build and customize their own applications. If you’re a seasoned coder, it can get a bit confusing sometimes. But you need to be able to talk clearly and directly about your projects, which means collaborating with no-coders, too.

In this audio-only course—part of the Tech on the Go series—veteran LinkedIn Learning instructor Jen Kramer walks you through the fundamentals of the no-code landscape. Learn about the historical perspective of no-code on the web and the ways in which no-code can improve efficiency on development teams. Explore use cases for no-code solutions, automation, security, and troubleshooting. Along the way, Jen highlights some of the pros and cons of no-code so you can grow your skills and become a more well-rounded developer.

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