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The Sales Discovery Conversation: 10 Steps to Build Credibility

How do you confidently lead any meeting, build credibility, and position yourself as a trusted problem-solver for your customer? You need the sales discovery conversation blueprint. In this course, instructor and sales expert Mark Donnolo shows you how to manage successful sales discovery conversations to quickly create connections, translate your customer’s problem into a vision for action, and ultimately win more deals.

Discover how you can predictably improve performance with the customer and approach each important meeting knowing you’ll create a positive impact. Mark shares ten, easy-to-apply methods to build rapport, guide your customer, understand their challenges, help them organize their thinking, create a common vision for a solution, and exit the conversation on a human level with a clear plan ahead. Upon completing this course, you’ll have an approach you can use again and again while you hone your skills as a sales problem-solver and create more consistent sales results.

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