Exponent Technical Interview Platform

Exponent is a platform to help Engineering Master’s students land their tech careers in product management, engineering management, software development, data science, and more.

Exponent offers the following:

  • 65+ interview courses on all technical roles, including product management, data science, marketing, bizops & strategy, and much more.
  • Practice peer mock interview platform with live interview practice up to 2x/day every day!
  • Job referral platform to ask for job referrals to popular companies
  • Detailed company guides on company recruitment processes
  • List of thousands of real interview questions recently asked at top-tier tech companies.

Get access by visiting tryexponent.com/duke with your Duke SSO login.

View this guide for more information about Exponent features* and how to engage the Exponent community, including peer-to-peer mock interviews.

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