Common Questions about the Career Center 

In this article you’ll find a list of common questions we often receive from students. If you’re new to Duke or the Career Center, consider this an introduction to help you better understand how we can support you as a Duke student.  

By using the Career Development Process, we support students at every stage of their career journey. Our services include partnering with you to explore your interests, values, and strengths; recruitment and interview preparation; job searching; professional skill development providing resources to you, and so much more! 

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Have additional questions? Email us at  

Yes, we support all students regardless of their industry of interest. We encourage you to reach out to us at if you have questions. Review the Career Community webpages for industry specific information and resources.  

Yes, we provide support for all career directions for Duke undergraduates and Doctoral students as well as Masters students in The Graduate School, Divinity School, and Biostatistics Program.  

The Career Center provides services, programs, events, online tools and resources for undergraduates, graduate students and alumni for one year after graduation from Trinity College, Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering, the Graduate School, the Divinity School, and the School of Medicine’s Master of Biostatistics and Population Health Sciences programs. 

  • If you have space and a good size group of students, we can work with you to develop or present a program at your meeting, class, or event. Request a program for your group or Class.  
  • The Career Influencer Network recognizes faculty and staff across the Duke community who are having meaningful career conversations and provides support, training, and resources to further career advising expertise. Nominate a faculty or staff member for the Career Influencer Network  
  • Career Ambassadors are specially trained students who make a campus-wide impact by providing guidance to their peers, creating and sustaining campus and external partnerships, serving as career development role models, encouraging reflection and exploration, and connecting students with resources for success in their professional endeavors. Meet with or apply to be a Career Ambassador.  

This framework is a self-service tool to guide you in your career development journey. It is important that you reach out to a career advisor or a mentor for support when you are ready to discuss your career journey in more depth. As you engage in and use the Duke Career Development Process, you will be preparing to make the best decisions for you and your needs. The Career Center team acts as thought partners while you reflect on your experiences, skills, research opportunities, test your strengths and interests in the world, and make intentional decisions toward your career goals.   

You can personalize the alerts you receive from Duke Career Hub to only receive information that is valuable to you. It is quick and easy to customize, just select Personalize Your Hub at the top of the homepage and sign up for an account. Personalized emails can include affinity space pages, career community information, degree specific resources, and more.   

Yes! We are your thought partners in preparing for your career goals.   

Current students and alumni less than one year out can schedule an appointment online, in Handshake. First-year undergraduates will not have access to individualized advising appointments until November 1st.  We want you to get settled into life at Duke.  

Whenever you are ready! With one exception… we always advise first-year students to take some time – the first semester – to adjust to life at Duke before scheduling appointments with a career advisor.  

Absolutely, and it is up to you if you’d prefer to meet with one or more career advisors.   

You are welcome to schedule an appointment at any stage of your Career Development journey. If you’re not sure where to start you can take a look at potential conversation starters.  

By Jared Smith (He/Him)
Jared Smith (He/Him) Associate Director, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging