Career Advising Conversation Starters

Sometimes knowing how to get a conversation rolling about your career development can be tricky or awkward. Here is a list of questions that can open up a dialogue between you and an advisor in an advising appointment.


  1. What types of careers are available for someone with my major/program of study?
  2. How can I learn more about different careers?
  3. I’ve decided not to go to medical school. How should I explore other options?
  4. How can I improve my LinkedIn profile?
  5. How should I talk to my parents about what I want to do after Duke?
  1. I have an interview next week. Can you ask me a few questions to help prepare?
  2. What should I wear to my interview?
  3. How can I improve my LinkedIn profile?
  4. When should I start preparing for recruiting?
  5. Recruiting is happening online in the fall of 2020. How can I best prepare for that?
  1. How do I use Handshake to help me?
  2. I have heard about ________ event, is it something I should attend?
  3. What should I expect at ____________ event or meeting?