Prepare your documents to align with the search plan

Your application documents demonstrate the implementation of your search plan. For example, your resume and cover letter are customized to match your skills and interests with the requirements of the target market(s) and organizations you’ve researched. Optimized resumes and cover letters help recruiters and hiring managers understand your unique qualifications for their specific roles.

  • Resumes

    Your resume is a concise document created for a specific audience and role. It demonstrates your interest and investment in the organization through your research to prepare for the opportunity.

    🧠 Know

    Review Resume Samples of Engineering Master’s Students – See this collection from your peers to understand how others have organized information and successfully communicated interests and accomplishments.
    • Watch this Exponent Video (04:28) on Resumes, and get practical tips on targeting your resume to land interviews. If you want to dig deeper, access an additional video with tips on What Makes a Good Resume
    • Review these Engineering Master’s Resume FAQs
    • Look at this sample resume structure to learn what to include in different sections of an engineering resume

    📈 Prepare

    Upload, test, and improve your resume for use in Applicant Tracking Systems using Quinncia, an AI Feedback tool. This website will give you suggestions to improve your resume, increasing the odds that hiring managers will see your application when applying for roles. (This tool is for Pratt Engineering Master’s students only).

    🖐 Practice

    Use Quinncia to optimize and improve your resume on-demand
    Get feedback to edit and enhance your documents
    Connect with a Career Coach to receive feedback on your resume.

  • Cover Letters

    Your cover letter complements your resume and provides additional customized information on your skills and experience. It helps a recruiter or hiring manager understand the following:

    • Why you have invested your time applying for this specific opportunity
    • What you have done in the past that makes you confident you could thrive in this role, making positive contributions to the organization

    🧠 Know

    • Review Writing Effective Cover Letters, a short Duke Career Center course.
    • Watch this highly recommended Exponent Video (04:28) on Cover Letters, their role in landing interviews, and what that means for your letter.
    • Cover Letter Insights from Recruiters blog post – says 87% of recruiters prefer a cover letter. Read up!

    📈 Prepare

    • Use this Cover Letter Structure for Master’s in Engineering students to write a strong cover letter to help you stand out as a unique applicant.

    🖐 Practice

    Get feedback to edit and improve your documents
    Connect with a Career Coach to have your cover letter reviewed.


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Quinncia is an interactive artificial intelligence-based platform that helps you practice telling your story, through building a strong resume and …

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