Employer Virtual Recruiting Academy Key Takeaways

We all made adjustments related to social distancing and changes in hiring needs. We put together a Virtual Recruiter Academy to assist in the transition and work toward a new normal. Take advantage of the experience and knowledge of those …

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The Duke Compact 

Duke has introduced the Duke Compact, a pledge of accountability and responsibility by the Duke community contributing to the health and safety of the entire community. The Compact lists a set of action items and behavioral guidelines for the community

We encourage employers to read the Duke Compact in its entirety and to …

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Post a Job or Internship

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All Duke Career Centers

We partner with centers and colleagues across the Duke community to enhance career services for all Duke students as part of the “OneDuke” initiative.

Duke University Career Center
All Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students in Duke Engineering, The Graduate School, the …

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Duke Undergraduate Destination by Major

Any major can prepare you for a career in any industry

On the left of this flow diagram are Duke undergraduate majors grouped by division. On the right are where Duke graduates go for employment or further education. The colored …

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