O*Net is a comprehensive online database and resource by the U.S Department of Labor that provides detailed occupational information for various careers and industries, along with the skills, tasks, knowledge, and abilities needed for each. This career resource is filled with a plethora of information about different job titles, descriptions, required skills, education, and training, as well as average salary ranges. Using the information provided on O*Net can help those in the career exploration phase, make a more informed decision about their next career path. Exploring this resource gives the opportunity to learn more about industries before the hands-on experience. O*Net also considers values and interest that are related to certain jobs that also aids in making career decisions.

O*Net offers a diverse array of tools to facilitate your career exploration. Whether you prefer to search by related interests, skills, job families, industry growth, or educational alignment, they have you covered. Additionally, O*Net highlights trending and rapidly growing occupations, giving you a glimpse into future career prospects. For a more targeted search, you can engage into advanced options, which allow you to discover occupations that share your interests, skills, work activities, styles, and values. Your navigation through this resource can be tailored to your specific career development stage.

O*Net serves as a valuable resource for enhancing your resume during your job search journey. When you search for a specific job within this platform, it provides comprehensive insights into the requirements of that role. Examining details such as tasks, skills, and knowledge can prove invaluable when incorporating industry-specific terminology into your resume or CV. The ‘tasks’ section, in particular, can guide you in crafting compelling accomplishment statements that highlight your qualifications for potential employers. Even if you lack direct industry experience, leveraging O*Net can help you draw attention to transferable skills, allowing you to present a well-rounded and relevant skill set.

Besides enhancing your resume, exploring this resource equips you with valuable insights to prepare for your desired industry. By reviewing the provided information, you can gain a clear understanding of position expectations, including job responsibilities, educational prerequisites, software proficiency, and more. As a student, you can proactively prepare by participating in relevant programs, organizations, and training opportunities to bolster your marketability when you start applying for positions. This resource helps identify skill gaps, enabling individuals to plan and acquire or enhance these skills. Additionally, O*Net offers a convenient tool for finding training and certification programs to further support your career goals.