Resources for Postdoc Opportunities

Postdoc opportunities are listed on various websites including publications and institution’s jobs websites. 

Search for skills, achievements, or products you want to have at the end of your postdoc. You can also search for research topics and techniques of interest. (If you find a position this way, you can apply through their online system and send your materials to that faculty member to make sure your application is seen.) 

A word of caution: Many postdoc listings on jobs sites are not actually open for applications. Some institutions require that a postdoc position is posted publicly even if the faculty member has already offered the position to someone. Find sources that you trust to only post opportunities that you can actually apply for.  

Postdocs outside the U.S.

It is important to investigate how a postdoc position outside the U.S. may be different than the postdocs you’ve worked with at Duke or other American institutions.  

Ask about expectations for postdocs, length of the appointment, sources of funding, salary/benefits, and other details to make sure there are no surprises after you accept a position. Also consider what opportunities a postdoc outside the U.S. uniquely offers you that could help you obtain your next position. 

Applying to postdocs abroad is similar to applying in the U.S. Your best method is to network with researchers at conferences. Cold-contact potential postdoc mentors by email can also work.  

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