FOCUS2 Vs. Catalyst

FOCUS2 and Catalyst are both resources that Duke Career Center utilizes to assist students with becoming more self-aware as they are maneuvering through the Career development process. These assessments will allow students to find out more about themselves and how it aligns with various careers and/or industries.

What is the Purpose? 

A compilation of comprehensive career assessments that assists individuals in exploring and choosing educational and career paths based on their interests, values, skills, and personality traits.  

FOCUS2 provides guidance on matching individuals with suitable careers and educational programs. 

Primarily focuses on identifying an individual’s strengths and talents.  

Designed to assist individuals understanding and leveraging their innate talents to excel in their careers and personal lives.  

The emphasis is on self-awareness and personal development.

What Does it Measure? 

Covers a wider range of factors, including interests, values, skills, and personality traits.  

Assesses an individual’s preferences in various domains and offers suggestions for careers and majors that align with these preferences. 

Consists of a series of questions designed to highlight an individual’s top strengths, unrealized strengths, and talents. 

 Provides a report with personalized insights into one’s unique strengths and how to apply them in various aspects of life. 

How to Apply it to Your Career Journey? 

Primarily used for educational and career planning.  

Assists individuals in making informed decisions about their academic and career paths by matching their characteristics and preferences with potential options. Individuals can combine all characteristics or focus on select results to see possible options that align. 

Often used for assessing self-awareness, personal development, leadership training, and team building within organizations.  

Guides individuals in understanding how to leverage their current strengths and area of improvement.  

Considers the level of energy one may have while engaging in these strengths 

In summary, the main difference lies in their purpose and scope of these assessments. Catalyst Assessment focuses on strengths and talents for personal development and leadership, while FOCUS2 encompasses a broader range of factors to assist individuals in educational and career planning. The choice between the two assessments would depend on your specific goals and needs towards career or personal development.