Does My Major Really Matter?

Choosing a major is an important milestone in your undergraduate career, so before making a decision you should give yourself enough time to learn about Duke’s major offerings and consider how different majors complement your strengths, interests and plans for the future.

By exploring disciplines through coursework and talking with your college advisor, peer advisors, directors of academic engagement, faculty, and others in your advising network, you will continue to inform your thinking about major selection.

If you already have a good sense of where your interests lie, it’s helpful to talk to the director of undergraduate studies in departments you are interested in to learn more about their majors and major requirements.

If you’re still unsure about your major, there’s still time to explore options through coursework and conversations with members of your advising network, and by taking advantage of the many resources available.

Watch this video to see how Greg Victory, Executive Director of the Career Center, answers the question, “Does My Major Really Matter?” and learn about the connections between your major and career.

Does My Major Really Matter?