The Ronald & Carrie Ludwig Duke in Silicon Valley Program

Provides an intensive experience in new venture creation in the nation’s hub for entrepreneurial enterprise.

Over the course of the one-credit program, students learn the resources, skills, and planning required to launch a new product or service. Guest speakers will include founders and leaders from many of the country’s most innovative companies, while co-programming engagements will connect you with employees at startups and established firms headquartered in the Bay Area. These experiences together with lectures, case studies, and simulations will provide an in-depth understanding of how new enterprises are formed, inspiring you as you work with teammates to create and pitch your own venture. The program includes modules on innovation and design thinking, prototyping and product design, competitive strategies, value-based negotiation, venture financing, team dynamics, and ethics in entrepreneurship. You’ll also explore the dynamics that created Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial culture, how other startup hubs are developing around the world, and the legal and regulatory issues currently facing some of Silicon Valley’s most successful ventures.

This program is intended for students of all backgrounds and majors who are interested in exploring their innovator mindset. Students on this program will gain an understanding of what some of the top organizations are doing to foster success and talent within their respective industries. Successful innovations and startups require individuals with different backgrounds and experiences – All students should consider participating. 

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